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Exit Current page to the next higher level menu Move to item you desired Increase the numeric value or make changes Decrease the numeric value or make changes Increase the numeric value or make changes Decrease the numeric value or make changes Main menu-quit and not save changes into CMOS Status Page Setup Menu and option Page Setup Menu-Exit Current page and return to Main Menu General help on Setup navigation keys. Setting items to incorrect values may cause your system to malfunction. P4i45E User Manual Version 3. This 2-pin connector see the figure connects to the case-mounted suspend switch. The MPEG4 encoding is a good test because the results are not just practically important but also depend on the whole processor-memory path. This user-friendly manual is to describe in detail how to install, configure and use this motherboard with drivers and BIOS setup illustrations.

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Turn off the vertical and horizontal synchronization ports and write blanks to thevideo buffer.

The password you type now will clear any previously entered password from CMOS memory. Although the VIA’s boards on the new stepping of the chipset are at last able to work with DDR, this sole fact is not enough to change the market’s preferences.

Mic is a connector for the microphones. Each 48445pe provides one or more setup choices. Secondary IDE Connector 4. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Disabled default ; Enabled. This section covers some very technical items and it is strongly recommended that only experienced users should make any changes to the default audik.


Chapter 1 Getting Started Thank you for choosing the v3.

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Typematic Rate Setting Allows user to adjust the key stroke repeat rate. At the same time, the traditional trump of noname solutions, price, doesn’t play into the hands of Aidio as SiS offers cheaper solutions on the Pentium 4; even the boards from brand-name companies based on, for example, such a functional chipset as SiS are no dearer than some P4X based models.

Using Parallel port as ExtendedCapabilites Port. The information contained in this guide has been validated and reviewed. Disabled default ; Enabled Their functions are not shown on the textolite. No part 4845pr this manual may be reproduced, transcribed, transmitted, or translated in any language, More information. Write a comment below.

Motherboard 4845PE PE Specifications PE Layout Diagram CPU and CPU Fan Installation… 10

The modification is then stored in battery-backed RAM so that it can retain the setup information after the power is turned off. Swap Floppy Drive If the system has two floppy drives, you can swap the logical drive name assignments.

Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the grantee of this device could void the user s authority to operate the device.

The WinAce archiving depends mostly on the akdio speed, that is why no wonder that both P4X based boards are far behind their competitors. The program is designed to improve performance of the storage sub-system and overall system performance.


SC1 optional Audio-in Connectors: Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Getting Started Thank you for choosing the v2. If the clip of the cooling. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language or computer language. In contrast to such boards which are apparently developed for the workstation market, the iPE offers only really needed contributing to efficiency or universality and cheap technologies: Computers Are Your Future.

AOpen reserves the right to revise all the specifications and information contained in this document which is subject to 485pe without notice. The text file will notify you how to install your USB devices in your O.

Acorp 7KT Manuals

4845ep Using Parallel port as Enhanced Parallel Port. Typing N will return to the Setup Utility. Navigating through the Setup Utility.

The Mounting Holes and plastic tabs should fit over the edge and hold the DDR memory modules in place. Before handling any mainboard outside of its protective packaging, ensure that there.

Intel Pentium 4 2.