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You can probably just install on top of the current installation, so that it’ll only install the right drivers for this mainboard. Setup then took off and ran to completion without a hitch. Mar 17, Posts: Hi Chovy, Or is it anChovy? I’ve tried all that, but thanks anyroad dude. Asus A8v mobo with. Do you already have an account?

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I had a8vv Via floppy in A:. Once the driver is loaded then you can configure the raid controller for the attached devices. Aug 5, 2.

Big Giveaway – Win prizes worth R3, Hey guys, i just splurged and purchased the Asus A8V. If you copy the wrong drive, you will lose your information!! I shoulda Googled before posting here.

ASUS A8V: SATA drive recognised as SCSI…

Man i hate PC’s, might sell it. Insert disc VIA driver floppy to boot message is great progress actually. Joined Jan 30, Messages 46, Can my mb be bad?

Hoepfully this will help people. Look this thread over. I really appreciate everyone’s help on this! I’m fairly sure its because you have raid enabled somewhere – only one drive RAID will also give you hat message. The only one that was still ok was my drive C which is fine but the other two seemed to have dropped off cpmpletely.


Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the existing arrays. If this doesn’t then you should then get a requirement to load the driver from the floppy.

I am going insane. The sata drive is not picked up in the bios. Skoop, thanks, I’ll try the drive listening trick, probably Thursday or Friday my days off Wish I had an engine stethescope over here, may try the old screwdriver trick put one end of a long screwdriver or metal rod on the engine block, put the other end firmly next to your ear, it always worked for isolating bearings and tappets, may work for hard drives?

Once the drive is configured in the raid sata controller even for a single drive then you should be able to detect the hd format what wata. I thought it was funny….

Help!, my new Asus A8V won’t recognize my 1 SATA drive – Ars Technica OpenForum

Nov 8, at 9: If not it will proberly be a waste of time trying installing anything on it. Forums New posts Search forums. I place more importance on motherboards than other components when building systems.


Looks like I need recovery software. First try the VIA ports. Unfortunately, I do not have a floppy drive or cd burner around.

Asus A8V, problem booting from sata or seeing other sata drives

Eventually, when you can get to CD do a setup to repair to save everything. Many drives shipped saga not proberly packaged, if not in the retail boks, this means that if your drive was not, it might be DOA. Aug 6, Posts: Your install instructions work fine for a single drive. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. If this site is slow, or is having problems, you can also use our download mirror site:. Joined Nov 7, Messages 5,