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How to upgrade firmware on AirVideov2. Airlive Router Basic Configuration Video. There is an extra 1. The current spike might damage your hard drive when the power is re-sent. Why can’t I see the video image using Windows 8’s Internet Explorer? How to reset the device to default setting?

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Could you please give me some ideas for how to implement this skyphoen-1000 If I have more than one WIASN at different location, is it possible to create on-demand ticket from one location to others? I have a You can use one of the 2 methods below to solve the issue.

Plug is configured as Universal Repeater mode. It supports Power Point Files such as ppt, pps, pptx and ppsx. Please refer the below table of LED: For the IP cameras do not have built-in tampering detection function, and you need to use the software to fulfill this task.

Otherwisethe primary and secondary Wan connection will be unstable. How to playback the video by date and time? While a lot of cameras are able to send dual or triple streams at the same time, the CamPro Professional is capable of configuring multiple channels for each stream format from a camera.


How to set the Multiple AP function of N. I want to connect to the internal server from internet.

Please use the Internet Explorer on the Windows 8’s Desktop. Please download firmware from here: It will appear the wireless option on Setup page.

Please refer to the user manual page 52 to change AirMax2 remote management port, and page 47 about virtual server setting. Is there any update, or software to install that people can see the cameras from another browser. The IP Code, Ingress Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as International Protection Rating, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects including body parts like hands and fingersdust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings and with electrical enclosures.

Level Protected against Testing for Details 0 Not protected — — 1 Dripping water Dripping water vertically falling drops shall have no harmful effect.

AirLive Skyphone Download – Skyphoneexe

The topology for this implement should look like below:. However, sometimes the data rate of a live Wi-Fi connection differs from these values. Please try to increase the TX output power to higher levels to check for improvement. The watchdog functions works by using the PING command. Please check if these cameras can be search by IP wizard, first. Please make sure if you are using the latest firmware v1.


First, please make sure the health quality of the BT torrent, check if it can download successfully by other BT download engine or not. How come I can not login the web management of N. The C mount lens flange focal distance is How can I share my hotel Internet account using N.


AirLive camera can take picture every one minute but cannot be the same name. AirLive has done it again, the Skyphone is a great device, which will makes the every day use of Skype much simpler.

Airlive Router Basic Configuration Video. Is this possible that camera works in horizontal position or vertical position? I would like to access the IP camera from internet via port