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There are 2 main questions: Asrock 4core dualsata2 rev 2. Below are link s to pages with more information about network devices. I don’t need Guitar Rig any longer. Brooktree Corporation Bt Video Capture rev 12 I was playing around with the beatmaker of LMMS for a bit.

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B] So, the jack2 part: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra – see http: The only drawback is the lack ffado-mixer support, but you could set the internal routing and other hardware mixing parameters with a Mac OS X or Windows computer, these settings will remain recorded alesus the interface.

Are there any simple instructions on how to liunx ffado, compile it etc? Maybe qjackctl will be linkx as well, you can reinstall it later. It’s easy, just follow the instructions here: Specs available at http: Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

So either we would require an io26 owner to step up and write the driver based on the info they manage to get from Alesis, or someone would need to donate an io26 to one of the core developers so they can develop the driver themselves. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.


At some point I create an.

I will happily accept suggestions for intuitive and easy-to-use-software for recording several channels to build up complete songs. Now we need to setup jack.

Find More Posts by AGeek. Comments Same response Permalink Submitted by tom. Check you can get test tone with: Let’s keep these fantastic audio interfaces alive in Linux for a long time! Falling back to capture-only mode Cannot initialize driver JackServer:: Yes, as I mentioned recording and playback works.

Then it would be fantastic, 24 analogue input into Mixbus. I prefer a stock stable distro with the few modest bits of stuff I want added.

Everything Mixbus does here is just to set the most important settings for the audio interface and qjackctl provides even more settings than Mixbus so therefore it is better to start qjackctl first to handle Jack, and then Mixbus. I thought that these music apps like guitarix or rakarrack were ‘jackified’ by default as you say.

If I can get it to run I can contribute with feedback! The ,inux soundcard I am using is the liux sound: I would love to help development in any way I can, where is the right place do that?


2 soundcards: Alesis io|2 and NVidia CK

Else, try increasing your frame size for instance. If you like the linux audio world and are curious enough, you will probably want to experiment with the lot of choices there are, in the future.

Join our community today! This will benefit the entire open source community and definitely encourage linux users to buy alesis.


I’ve sent the exact same request today! Mine works in full-duplex. I tried to check with your settings, awwaid – but I get these error messages:. I started it in verbose mode now, and get a lot of output like this: To be honest I alezis found the time really to understand the asound. Replace the waf configure cmdline from: