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Activity Report Print Select Setting The greater the adjustment value is, the greater the gamma is, resulting in a higher contrast. Image In case of an error end, remove the cause of the error, and execute the automatic developer adjustment again. Used to reset the developer counter. Fusing unit 1 Pull out the left door. An output is send at the send level set by the soft switch.

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G Job Build Setting Up Destination Information Provides support for large size paper. Edge section Shuts conduction to the heater lamp when the temperature rises abnormally.

Transfers toner images to the OPC drum. Various print counter values are displayed. Only when FAX is installed.

Specifications of paper trays. Replace by m35u the SPF counter value as an indication.

Saving A Document Image File NO Do you want to end the simulation? Bends paper to adjust the paper feed timing to the process section. High voltage resistor PWB 1 Remove the left door unit. The active sensors and detectors are highlighted. Only when FAX is installed Used to print information related to FAX various registrations, communication management, file management, system error protocol.


Selecting Printing Functions m351h Electric charges remain at a position where LED lights are not radiated. This adjustment is required when the PWB is replaced with a new one. The roller temperature is detected by the installed temperature sensor, and the heater lamp is controlled so that the temperature is maintained at the specified level.

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After shifting the cam, tighten the cam A fixing k351u M3 x Used to adjust the scanner exposure level in the ultra fine text mode. Upper separation pawl 1 Remove the fusing unit. Refer to “Setting and adjustment” described later. The scanner performs scanning at the speed corresponding to the operation mode.

The glass surface is coated for protection against static electricity.

Paper transport clutch a The oldest one is sequentially deleted. Using The Saddle Stitch Finisher Various adjustments and setting operation are performed. Recommendation Less than 95W 60 min.

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General This section fused toner which is transferred onto paper in the transfer section onto paper by heat and pressure of the fusing roller. List of combination of peripheral devices. LSU cannot be disassembled.


Transmits heat to melt toner on paper and fuse toner by means of a pressure with the lower heat roller. The operation is repeated the specified number of times before stopping. G Margin Shift The scan resolution is dppi.