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I did as they said and the fun thing is that the service ppl at the store found that several SATA ports where not working. Windows Update Error Code: I have all the same errors as everyone else. Actually makes diagnosing other issues a bit easier. I don’t think you should be RMAing it. Anyone else experiencing this same problem and any solution? Pretty bad support, if you ask me.

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Don’t know if it is related. What are the file names of the driver files in temp? With fifteen pages of people reporting the same problem and they point there finger at Microsoft. I can’t think of anything else to try so good luck and please report back.

Pretty upset about this. Something is Not in sync Correctly. Does anyone really know if they will ever make a new driver?

Windows 10 new april update broke AISUITE : ASUS

Still, I like disabling unnecessary services for performance issues, and if it would clear up an error from the event viewer on top of it, that’s a bonus. I yo the third of the errors in the OP on a clean windows 8. It does not matter if the driver is installed as the files it needs to run correctly are being erased! I’m not running AI Suite so if that opens up some solution, I’d be fine with that.


And then couple of times my PC rebooted on its own. I am pushing this case with local Asus support.

How to Install Ai Suite 3! (For People Who Cannot install the new AI Suite 3) – Page 2

For this issue, I asue you to clear the cmos to load the bios to default settings and try again. Either Microsoft had stuff screwed up or you almost have to install everything by using that AutoInstall button.

X ] I wanted to share a tentative success story. Find More Posts by SgtPooki. I’ve encountered ACPI errors in the past and a simple driver update has fixed the problem, However, having read many, many posts on this topic, it would seem some particular errors are still persisting.

I think it is related. I hope that helps. There may be more than one so update all.


Results 11 to 20 of Win 7 Evaluation copy Am having the same issue on my PC does this error freeze your computer from time to time or some applications stop working or start to give errors. Which would make it pretty harmless.


Getting very dissapointed and am ready to send the board back to the store to replace it with one from another supplier. You can read about our issues collectively at the official Asus Rog Forums. I’m not impressed that these issues were not ironed out before the motherboards reached retail channel.

Oh didn’t notice, well good thing its nothing special afterall and we’ve got some answers. Or, perhaps we should first try to use different screws or SATA cables also, my Dell monitor is now 3yrs old?

I also don’t use the AI suit 3 stuff. I was having problems with the ACPI embedded controller error and after much trial and error I gave your solution a try. This post by Nodens should be in a thread and stuck, for all the people like me who wasted countless hours trying to resolve this non issue.

General OS questions Locked https: How to get rid of the error?