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My bios has been recently out-dated. If you get it wrong you can turn your perfectly good motherboard into a doorstop. Once I’m in Windows I can plug it in no problem. Machine boots with scanner plugged in. Thousands of users waiting to help! Stupid Wiffles, of course there isn’t, they all work the other way.

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Might find one at your local electronics store. Net is the opinions of its users. If you get it wrong you can turn your perfectly good motherboard into a doorstop.

Just going to bump this one up for you wiffles. Thankx for your replys. Which keys should i press inorder to access the flash bios updater scren. For full access please Register. Is your PC working? Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

Ended up sending it back. I got my bios binary file downloaded from the internet and into a flash drive and cd. As my kids would say, “My bad! Otherwise in my experiencethe drive light would be on all the time, bils the disk would be unreadable.


Not plugged in, machine boots, p4s8000 in scanner after boot, works as advertised. HP says don’t plug printer into hub, will create problems. Net and its accuracy.

Once I’m in Windows I can plug it in no problem. But this doesn’t always happen and what would someone think if you told them your PC wouldn’t boot up unless you inserted a disk that didn’t have an OS on it?

Asus P4S800 User Manual: Updating The Bios

Per suggestion from this board, plugged scanner direct to MOBO in rear. USB printer prevents boot. Anyway, good luck with ASUS. Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog?

Updating the bios – Asus P4S800 User Manual

Scanner plugged azus, no boot. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Mostly the same problem, but I noticed something else: Leave you BIOS alone. Didn’t do a thing.

Updating the bios | Asus P4S User Manual | Page 38 / 66

I think it’s a BIOS problem but every time I try to update it the website is down one time it wasn’t but the zip was corrupted. Your name or email address: I harrassed every geek friend I had, biios sat on the phone with tech support.


Bios updates pp4s800 only be performed if you have a specific problem that is addressed by the bios update. To flash a brand new board.

Bios Update on a Asus PSMX SE Motherboard

When I boot up, if the USB keyboard is plugged in, the MB hangs while looking for an OS it can hang in one of two places but the floppy light always gets stuck on, whether USB legacy support is enabled or not. You are viewing p4ss800 forum as a guest. Thousands of users waiting to help! That one took awhile to figure out!