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A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. Visit our network of sites: All white test, brightness is evenly distributed all around view large image. This security feature will introduce a whole host of new issues once it’s used, so best to understand what it can and can’t do. Disable unused devices for extra security. Seeing how we live in an unforgiving world, laptop designers are integrating more anti-theft features into their products. Wireless switch and Power4Gear button adjusts processor speed view large image.

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With so many USB and Firewire devices on the market these days, tests like the one we are about to perform are even more critical.

There is a Kensington Lock port on the back of the laptop so you can lock down your laptop to a sturdier surface. Some laptops asud biometrics or special hardware keys to activate — the Asus W5F does not have these features.

W5F | ASUS Global

No WAN adapters here. Nothing really too exceptional to report here. This isn’t a fool proof system since a thief may be undeterred by the alarm, but at least you may be able to get an image or two captured of the perpetrator and have it emailed to you. Advanced, Security, Power, and Boot.


Asus W5F Parts and accessories

Visit our network of sites: Quite small and portable Cons: Wireless switch and Power4Gear button adjusts processor speed view large image. The top-row F keys all sub a function: Under advanced, you can control minor features like the boot-up sound, the volume level of your speakers, and whether num-lock is enabled during boot-up.

Size comparison of Asus W5F to a toy poodle — and you decide which is cuter view large image Size comparison to 8. Not to be forgotten is w55f bundled Norton Internet Security suite to protect your network traffic.

Asus W5F Specs – CNET

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Security An unfortunate fact of life about owning a laptop is that you become a favourite target of theives.

There are four basic menus to choose from: Considering the size and given this is an ultraportable the speakers are okay. The resolution is x Intel Core Duo Processor T 1. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

Asus W5F 12-inch Core Duo Notebook Review

Front view of Asus W5F view large image Wsus If you use wireless and have your screen brightness at a moderate level then using both batteries you can go up to 5. Latest News Latest Videos. The laptop itself is very thin, most ports are located on the sides, while the rear is occupied by the batterypack. The usg above really surprises me.


The BIOS Most laptop BIOS’ are kept very simple compared to their desktop counter parts and because of laptop thermal properties you won’t find any options relating to voltages or frequencies.

A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. The speakers are loud enough but there is no bass. Home Reviews News Forums. All three systems use Firewire well and we do not see any severe performance issues like the Compaq V did with USB 2. Works when cold booting the laptop and when resuming from a hibernated state. Finally the Boot screen allows you to set up the boot order of your drives.

We are hearing more and more stories of users having their computers ripped off, even while sitting down at a local coffee shop! My desktop machine dual core AMD Opteron 2.