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Even though one of HDMI’s best features is support for both audio and video on a single cable, the trick has been getting the audio and video together inside a PC in order to have a single source output. Read on to find out if it’s any good I surprised with the analysis you made to create this particular submit incredible. We also check out how well the card overclocks too — could this be the card to buy in the run up to Christmas? MUXed systems can be switched using vgaswitcheroo. AMD launches HD , series.

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We compare the two cards to six others in a selection of game tests along with analysing HD video playback and power consumption.

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Adds improved gamma correction, HDMI 1. The world of HD video is the most recently battleground, and now that standard definition video is about as good as it can get; HD content is getting all the glory.

HDMI high definition multimedia interface is a single cable interconnect that can transmit both video and audio, supports all current HD resolutions and is on nearly all modern TVs. You might wonder though where the audio comes into play?? Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? We’ve got the details here and there’ll be much more to follow in our architectural review.

The reclocking is attemped during vertical blanking periods, but due to the timing of the reclocking functions, doesn’t not always complete in the blanking period, which can lead to flicker in the display. Try modinfo -p radeon to find up-to-date parameters. The “dynpm” method dynamically changes the clocks based on the number tai pending fences, so performance is ramped up when running GPU intensive apps, and ramped down when the GPU is idle. Written by Tim Dhmi.


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Faulty HD series graphics cards on the loose. Oblivion 17 – F. Read on to find out how it got on Have you seen the issues with some of the latest hardware releases? Tim Smalley thinks ato time these manufacturers started focusing on lower power consumption before this obsession gets out of hand.

ATI R marketing BS unveiled

So, there are apparently no faulty HD series Radeon graphics cards on the loose and no one knows why there was such a fuss in the first place?! Latest News Latest Videos. Even though one of HDMI’s best features is support for both audio and video on a single cable, the trick has been getting the audio and video together inside a PC in order to have a single source output.

We dive deep down inside to find out. Sapphire Radeon HD Somebody necessarily assist to make critically articles I would state.

December 20, ATI Radeon X family. It comes complete with a spanking new r60 and some GDDR4 memory. We have a look at the fastest of the two cards being released – the ATI Radeon HD – to find out if makes up for lost ground with the HD series.


There are a lot of marketing names. How does its architecture compare to the previous generation?

Using HDMI With ATI Radeon HD Linux Drivers – Phoronix

To get the temperature on asics that use i2c chips, you need to load the appropriate hwmon driver for the sensor used on your board lm63, lm64, etc. Controlling the fan speed directly is not possible and would be very dangerousbut it can be lowered by setting lower power profile. Adds support for up to 6 independant displays max of 2 non-DisplayPort displays with independent timing. Add that to the fact that card vendors won’t have to spend the time to specifically develop an HDMI version of card and you have a happy ecosystem.

These are some typical bitrates that you might find on video available today: Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. We find out how the company’s new part performs across eight games and three resolutions.