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I want a competent motherboard that’ll do 8gig and not cost a heap? If he’s serious about photoshop, run bit windows, get 8 gigs of ram, and skimp somewhere else if you have to. Nov 18 , If I want to COD where would it be? Oct 8, Posts: Not sure if he’ll go CS4 or lightroom2 atm, probably lightroom.

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MHz is not very important; cache is. Aug 25 Currently using DPP more I think anyhow, because his current machine wont run photoshop Will work up a vauge spec for critique later If possible PM me with your contact number. Mon Feb 02, Oct 8, Posts: Sorry keep u waiting.

Drivers for BENQ DVD DC DWS ATA Device

The latest version of Photoshop is bit and would benefit from a bit version of Vista, I believe, as well as a good video card.

Too far for me. beqn


Been running my e at 3ghz on the stock HSF for ages anyhow So sad that it should come to this So long and thanks for all the fish Registered: Feb 19 Please quote the price for delivery to N. Hi, which one is bneq one with sata interface?

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Get a quad core. If I want to COD where would it be? CS4 uses the video card, there’s a list of supported cards on their web site and Nvidia even have a Quadro board marketed for it, the Quadro CX but I expect it’ll be expensive. Jan 18 Ultimate is a waste of money. No vista Premium, Ultimate gives little extra usefull ay?


Benq Dvd Dc Dws Ata Device Driver Download

Dec 6 Keep in mind that CS4 finally uses the video card for certain ops, and that only certain cards are supported. I’m off to a store tomorrow to look at some cases with the guyI’d push him to a Sonata III but its way out of budgethe liked the Thermaltake Soprano looks too. Tue Feb 03, 3: Remote Desktop is available for free from other vendors, you can run the old ntbackup with minimal work, and bitlocker is of negligible value.