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Having found myself in need of a digital camera, I finally built up my courage to give it a try once more. It has a 3X optical zoom as well as the digital zoom, but it will also allow me to change my ISO speed, white balance and exposure metering. I also take office pictures, sporting events, and pictures of scenes that we encounter in our travels. The camera will tell you by pressing halfway down on the shoot button whether the shot needs more lighting, focus, etc by way of green, yellow, or red light. In several cases, a blue sky or the white exterior of a car were completely blown out. Poor results when shooting indoors or outdoors in low-light Underpowered flash Frequent overexposure problems in images with high contrast Problem with early shutter penalty Mediocre resolution on LCD Pronounced chroma noise at even ISO 80 Must go online for full manual Basic, boxy looks and toy-like feel. As expected in a camera this low-priced, the feature-set on the Kodak C is pretty bare bones.

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Having found myself in need of a digital camera, I finally built up my courage to give it a try once more. So I won a bid for xigital new Kodak 7.

Kodak C Review Tweet Share. We timed shutter lag at a noticeable 0. According to our tests, the camera powers on and is ready for ddigital shot in 2. ISO sports mode: Delete isn’t a trashcan, it just says, “delete;” and the playback button says “review.

KODAK EASYSHARE C743/C703 zoom digital camera — Getting started guide

The one I got from eBay is a little bit quirky, but still has the same high-quality resolution and ease of use. C Overview Samples Gallery.


Using the camera’s sports setting, I was able to get some reasonably sharp images of a pack of dogs cavorting around at a nearby park. Kodak’s cameras are also designed with the total beginning photographer in mind, and are some of the easiest to use on the market.

As long as I pre-focused, this camera seemed to gobble up pictures and was perfectly suited for snapshots of friends, family, and for vacation photos.

Exceptional quality prints with 7. This glitch jammed me up a couple times when I was too quick on the draw with the Kodak C Membership is free, and your security digita privacy remain protected. You can take the batteries out and then put them back in and then usually it will come back on. Read on to find out if the Kodak C should be added to your shopping list.

KODAK EASYSHARE C Zoom Digital Camera

If Kodak can fix that problem, this would be a perfect camera and will never lose its value. Though noise levels were better than I expected, many shots I took in low light were blurry. Some pictures may zom out blurry in the beginning until you zopm use to using it. On the other hand, I found the Kodak C’s imaging quality mediocre at best, especially in anything but good outdoor sunlit conditions. For easy access, the two most popular scene modes — landscape and macro — have individual designations on the mode dial while other scene modes can be chosen in the SCN selection on the dial.


Buttons and dials on the Kodak C are smaller than its higher priced counterpart, the Kodak C, but like all Kodak consumer models they’re clearly labeled in plain English, so beginning users won’t need a glossary to decipher their meaning. Once the camera was in my possession I knew I was going to be very pleased with my purchase. As expected in a camera this low-priced, the feature-set on the Kodak C is pretty bare bones.

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Perfect if you are on the road and need to get pictures emailed on the run. I’m very pleased with the operation of the camera. Kodak EasyShare C Resolution: The camera’s underpowered flash was not a lot of help either, often failing to illuminate a scene even in a slightly overcast setting.

Though one might be inclined to overlook the Kodak C’s image quality deficiencies given its low price, I was disappointed with pictures I took with this camera and I think buyers will feel the same.

Bundles that include this product. Best to go with brand new! Other than in very good outdoor lighting conditions, colors lacked pop and images lost sharpness in the corners and in areas of high contrast, such as where a building meets the sky. Though I wasn’t expecting the Kodak C’s image quality to rival pricier cameras, images were mediocre.