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Figure 7 Wipe off the oil that has spread to the control ring. If a fault is found after making the above checks, perform cleaning or adjustment as necessary. Use it to adjust the separation re-charging on environment adjustment value for copying on the 2nd side of a double-sided copy using extra thick paper. Go through the check items for the developing assembly. Check the oil assembly applying mechanism. Charging assembly Primary charging assembly Height of charging wire mm At the time of shipment, the switch is set to OFF.

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Check to make sure that the toner has not caked. Try changing the setting of the DIP switch SW1 to highland 1, and see if the problem is corrected; if the problem still occurs, switch SW1 to highland 2. Or, back up the data using the prlnt tool.

SP-L2 Use it to adjust the separation charging bias when Note 1 copying on the 2nd side of a double-sided copy using thin paper. The clock signal from the feed motor clock sensor PI5 is absent for msec. ON C developing cylinder clutch CL2 drive signal 1: Page – Toner on the Developing Cylinder Assembl ON 6 buffer path unit clutch CL1 drive signal 1: For E, the code is indicated when copying is started in projector mode or area select mode.


The BD signal cannot be detected for 1 sec or more when potential control operation starts. Check to make sure that the surface of the developing cylinder is coated with a uniform layer of toner.

HP to A, 2: Diagrams are provided with the listings to aid the service technician in identifying clearly, the item to be orderd. Move the slide volume [2] in the direction of the arrow, and attach the timing belt [3] to the pulley.

Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

When holding it, be sure to support it on its left and right as shown. Remove all traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring.

Original Position Detection O. Codes 13 through 20 are not used. If the self diagnostic mechanism has turned on, you can reset the machine by turning the copier’s power switch off and then on.

Check the developing assembly butting roll and the photosensitive drum butting block. Paper deck feeding roller FBActual number of copies. Figure 5 Remove the resin E-ring [7], and remove the pickup roller [8].


Canon CLC/CLCR Black OEM Toner Cartridge – 6, Pages

ON 1 polishing pgint motor M9 reverse rotation signal 1: Electrical System The copier’s service mode is used to adjust its electrical mechanisms. At this time, check to make sure that the transfer assembly frame unit is inside the copier. Take care so that the CCD will not be soiled with dust.

Movement of the Paper Jogging Guide P Indicates the state of connection of the sorter. Transfer rings Figure 6 Let the transfer drum sheet drop on its own weight, and remove the backing paper from both sides of the sheet.


Lamp Regulator PCB 7. Be sure to check the values recorded on the label attached behind the right front cover. The photosensitive drum has deteriorated. Remove all traces of adhesive from the transfer drum ring. Remove the toner concentration sensor from inside the developing assembly.

ON shutoff priny 1: