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It just will not burn these. Works in all 3 dvd players in this house. You can try it out at 4x just to compare. AF1 comments, 0 good , 0 mixed , 1 poor. I am waiting for them to release the f firmware on their site.

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I found the changelog on their. I have tried attaching the zip directly on here, but it is apparently too large. At least it is the usual flasher, the checksum is ok and the firmware is almost identical to the cyberhpme released by NU-Tech.

CyberHome DXD-A Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

If it fails, this burner is going back and fast. I’m impressed with this cheap drive. Comments posted by Ted beasley from United States, January 03, I actually was doing other things while it was going. Won’t overspeed, however, thus the “9” rating. Anyone with the same problem, please advise me and let me kniw. Adjust servo coefficient to improve performance of read and write. BTW, this was using firmware f.


Rated this writer 9 of I will contact Cyberdrive tech support and see if I can get that new firmware. It seems odd that new drives have F, tech support has F, but their website only has F.

He originally contacted me after I sent an email to the general tech support address. This website is using cookies. I made one successful DVD-R, so it does work, but generally leaves my system unstable after using it.

CyberDrive/CyberHome DX162D DVD Writer

Hold the tray to prevent it from retracting then press and hold the eject button for 6 seconds. I am only getting about 1. The media identifies at ritekg05 for those interested.

These media burn very similarly on my Toshiba SD-R Works in all 3 dvd players in this house. Subscription auto-renews dx162dd-a the end of the term Learn more. My only grip is that, like most drives, it does not burn overspeed.

I am going to redo the cd-dvd speed with the disc I burnt at 8x and see what happens when I do nothing. For instance, on my other burner I can burn a disc with write strategies of 2.


CyberDrive/CyberHome DXD DVD Writer – VideoHelp

So what do you think of it so far? Comments posted by Mikey from United States, January 25, M01 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. I think he keeps me up to date because I have always been curtious and thankful.

Yes it does support bitsetting. I think I will just email cyberhome and see if they have officially release f and if they can send it to me. Rated this writer No rating. Rated this writer 6 of To me is a good scan to cyberhime thing is that you were multitasking when you do the test.

Add new vendor command.