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The bios files are copyrighted and users may need to locate these files on their own. This allows for dual booting the original firmware or Linux without the need for connection to a PC. Users may have to perform this step more than once to remove all related drivers from their system. This gaming position feels very natural to me and users who hold smaller units the same way will want to make use of headphones. As these button behaviors are universal to all features they will not be mentioned below. This firmware is updated regularly.

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The unit feels well built and the wide screen case style limits hand cramping.

Pressing A will open each section for file selection with somewhat filtered results. Windows 7 issues by muriani on Sat May 16, I experienced no problems when interfacing the Dingoo A with the Operating Systems.

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Instead of a detailed compatibility list I will talk about each emulator and mention a few interesting or key dkngoo. The shell of the unit is split around the middle which divides the matte finished bottom from the glossy finished top.

The metal plugs fold out and away from the body of the adapter. Can you have a look if your Dingoo is charging on Linux?

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Some dinfoo complain about poor battery life and after opening up dintoo unit they discover they have a cheap mAH battery. AV-OUT video playback looked very good on a 4: Some of the ROM sets are so large that full compatibility lists have not been written. With the sindows issues aside, users can easily carry more than 1, working ROMs with them, from a variety of systems, at any one time. It is difficult to have a perfect compatibility rate with any file that can present itself through varying formats, encode qualities, bit rates, etc, and users who want the Dingoo A strictly for video playback will find they need to be pro-active and manage their own encodes.


I’m really loving the new windows, and I want to be able to use my dingoo with it. The system files were wihdows from hidden memory to an accessible memory location, allowing users to change the graphical settings. To make a recording the background play option must be turned on. Un-bricking can be a time consuming issue with some handhelds; thankfully the Dingoo A is relatively easy to un-brick.

However, users who experience directional pad issues might quickly disagree. Many of the popular titles work just fine, and users should be able to keep a nice variety of working Genesis ROMs on their Dingoo A Users who were unhappy over the unaddressed and widely publicized hardware problems began to turn a small hardware revision into a conspiracy lost within its own Bermuda Triangle.

Windoww debate over who owns the copyrights to the 3D games has recently emerged and this file structure may be subject to change on future releases of the Dingoo Technologies A In order to access this memory the user must make use of the included mini-USB cable.


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Dingoo Information Official Product Information: Hacked, translated, and altered ROMs work great. JGC extension come preinstalled with vague numeric names.

As a result this, is a great handheld unit for both new users and seasoned homebrew lovers. Keeping to the GBATemp review standards, this unit is a little better than a middle range silver award but not so exceptional that it merits a Golden Award. Pressing A eindows adjust the EQ settings, and pressing B cancels the playback and goes back one directory or option setting.

Windows 7 issues by muriani on Wed May 13, 1: These emulators are well supported and receive frequent updates. Eindows don’t wincows me solutions like “use a linux boot dvd” or “install something else”. Based on my testing and online research, I can conclude that the directional pad has sensitivity issues on some units. SIM extension; 3D games and applications use an. Users experienced an incompatibility with native emulators and applications, and a bricking of the system during custom firmware updates due in part to a hardware revision.

The LCD screen is bright and the reflective case helps in direct sunlight.

The glossy finish picks up finger prints instantly and is impossible to keep clean.