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And I did it for Waves who now uses another system. I wonder what the companies that use the ilok to secure there software do when it has failed? That said, my body is a dongle for my spirit that is pretty pissed off at my aging self’s inability to stay fit and ache-less. It spreads through a culture by social interaction. Oct 31, Messages: Go away and shut the fuck up!

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I won’t use any software that requires a dongle key period. You can activate your license on up to two devices at a time. No, create an account now.

Poor planning on your part. You must log in or sign up to post here. Using my backup when my drive failed, I can’t use Office anymore. But how do license and machine based protection systems do it?

iLok2 DRM System Appears to Have Been Cracked – TorrentFreak

Dan Ariely is an interesting scientist Duke professor of Behavioral Economics who does studies on these things to see what exists and what assuages bad habits in humans. Discussion in ‘ Backline ‘ started by ApolloSpeedApr dake, There will be cracked versions out there on the day of release or even before which must be heartbreaking and bank breaking!! Something like that, like Microsoft does. Otherwise my viewpoint may have differed.


Faek if you have a home studio and fakr studio along with a laptop it can really be a pain with the dongle. Well, at least that’s the way I’ll choose to look at it unless someone can point out a flaw or several flaws in my thinking. There fakke professional solutions for Dongle Servers as far as I know It’s fortunate that I liked the software and it’s worked fine since. While I can appreciate this point, I will also say that for me this is not worth it as I migrate workstations only every few years usually and I use my software everyday once installed.

Oct 28, Messages: Dec 1, Messages: The way to prevent this is: I wouldn’t want to be the professional using cracked software when they’re at my door to check for pirated stuff. Share This Page Tweet. Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download.

Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members? Find cake posts by Sardi. Go away and shut the fuck up!

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I know fakke few people who were using early cracked iok and when pro tools 11 came out and being AAX only, they were stuffed and had to buy the software anyway from scratch. So yes, I agree, it’s a lot of “entitlement” and as a former developer I feel the same way most days. Something about a moral pronouncement actually prevents people from doing “soft stealing” strangely enough. Mar 7, Messages: Yes I agree, having everything work nicely and support on the end of the phone if ya need it is worth the money IMO also.


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Interesting but I have to wonder how long before Avid puts out a cease and desist order like they did for the SugarBytes aax wrapper? Fuck burning churches, lets burn down schools and. Do you already have an account? There are a fakr other companies that use it too. If it was only that easy: Joshua Wickman Yes Sir!