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No precise information at this time. Inserting with modprobe or using kerneld. Preparation for use and operation Indicators and input devices Fn key The [Fn] [Fn] [Fn] key enables the special functions indicated in blue on overlay keys see [Fn] “Key combinations”. This information is provided by Gerd Sussner. You should be able to get your original setup by rebooting and selecting your old kernel at the lilo prompt. Restoring The Hard Disk Contents Under Windows 9x Troubleshooting and tips non-System disk or disk error – Replace and press any key when ready The inserted floppy disk is not a system disk or the inserted system disk is defective. Important notes Safety Safety This notebook complies with the relevant safety regulations for data processing equipment.

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The configuration in this file is as default notebopk a x display. May you have better luck Installing New Software If the product becomes defective within the guarantee period, Fujitsu Siemens Computers shall repair the product at its own discretion with new or reconditioned components or parts, or shall si,ens the product with an equivalent – or functionally equivalent new or reconditioned product.

I found it difficult to get the display to work, though, because the entry “x LCD” in the monitor section seems to apply only to TFT matrices can you confirm this?

When you switch on your notebook for the first time the supplied software is set up and configured. Read the documentation on the external device before connecting it. I am NOT be held responsible for any damage that you do to your own system in case something goes wrong! Maintaining updated Fujitsu Liteline software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. If you attach an external microphone, the built-in microphone is disabled.



If Linux doesn’t boot or hangs up while booting, then something litelinf wrong with the installation of your new kernel: Troubleshooting And Tips Troubleshooting and tips Take note of the safety hints in the chapter “Important notes”, when you connect or disconnect cables. I have correct battery charge and on-line detection. The installation is straightforward. Invisible laser radiation exits when the cover is open.

Fujitsu Liteline Drivers Download – Update Fujitsu Software

There are two ways to use the ALSA-sound-modules: Preparation for use and operation Using the power-management features Disabling Standby mode: Display Switching between internal and external screen Preparation for use and operation Display Switching off the display does not affect running programs.

If everything works fine and your new kernel boots of course you have to select it at the lilo prompt for boot On my system this causes some problems and at simene I had to reinstall Windows completly.

Notational Conventions Introduction Noebook conventions Notational conventions The meanings of the symbols and fonts used in this manual are as follows: Cleaning The Notebook Cleaning the notebook Important notes Cleaning the notebook Switch the notebook off and pull the power plug of the power adapter out of the power socket.


Learning Cycle For The Battery Take a look at the APM section below.

If you want to use the suspend-to-disk feature of your notebook you also have to create a suspend-to-disk partition. So I prefer to use the XFree86 server.

Data Storage Media There are still some other versions of the Fujitsu LiteLine notebook. Contents Switching between internal and external screen Power Supply Unit Settings in the System Configuration Utility In the System Configuration Utility you can set the system functions and the hardware configuration of the notebook.

Page 52 – The floppy disk cannot be written Page 53 – Battery status slmens glows red Page 54 fujisu Restoring the hard disk contents under W Removing A Pc Card The Mouse Does Not Work If Windows 9x is installed on your notebook, the system will shut down and the notebook will switch off.

Troubleshooting and tips non-System disk or disk error – Replace and press any key when ready The inserted floppy disk is not a system disk or the inserted system disk is defective.