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Roll-Up II 53 Table 6: Programs can send commands to the digitizer to turn the audio tone generator on and off. C ommunicat ion Option s. If you do not have a typical interfacing situation, the information in this section will offer assistance to setting up the Roll-Up II and connect it to another device. Space does not permit a detailed description of CalComp commands. Roll-Up II 30 9.

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BI Command causes coordinates to be transmitted in binary format. Roll-Up II 30 9. Roll-Up II 53 Table 6: Send command SE gtfo exclude the Space character.

Roll-Up III Tech Specs – GTCO

Roll-Up II 24 retained even if the unit is powered off or reset. RD Diagnostic command causes the Roll-Up II to examine the attached tablet and send the results to another device for display. There are two kinds of flow control: Select 12, 50 or under Rate.


Once the command is complete, send a or hex rol-up to exit command mode. Summagraphics Binary Format Low Resolution Binary Format Low resolution binary format conforms to an existing industry standard method of encoding small digitizer coordinate data.

Custom C onfiguratio n Menu.

GTCO Roll-Up II – Users Guide User Manual

Table 7 and Table 8 show which character will be sent. To select Point Mode: Page 6 Roll-Up II 6 5.

Introducti on to the C ustom Config uration M enu. It is a fast, efficient and commonly used format. Hold or temporarily tape the card in place to keep it from moving during the configuration process. So much different things out there. Serial To USB cable.

If your system still does not work. This controls the extra Line Feed after each input, turning it off. You will hear four short tones when you successfully save roll-yp configuration.

36 X 48 GTCO Roll up II Blueprint Estimating Digitizer | eBay

Con figuring for Specific App lication Prog rams. Roll-Up II 6 5. This unit has roll–up 30″ x 36″ active area. Output occurs only when the transducer is in the active area. Customers should keep their boxes. Click ‘Exclude’ under ‘Line feed’ – a beep may be heard. Space does not permit a detailed description of CalComp commands. Der Deutschen Bundespost wurde das Inverkehrbringen dieses Geraetes angezeigt und die Berechtigung zur Ueberpruefung toll-up Serie auf Einhaltung der Bestimmungen eingeraumt.


Advanced O perating In formation. Choose on the SuperSet Menu. Unit still works just fine. Page 68 Roll-Up II 68 2. The Deluxe Travel Bag is intended to be used only in conjunction with the heavy gauge cardboard tube, insert and end caps supplied.