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What is the risk reward ratio? Well done, the site continues to evolve and get better. For a golfer with a mph driver clubhead speed, that random difference in CT can mean a carry distance difference of 5 to 6 yards. Maybe one day he will wake up and face reality!! When I get a good one it goes , doesn’t that distance warrant a stiff shaft?

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From there I can play around with the lead tape, but Headweighr just would prefer not to. Players who are strong, very aggressive and who tend to always fight being too quick with their tempo and rhythm typically will do better with clubs that offer a lot of resistance to their swing move. Depending how much longer, that is going to be a blessing for you when it comes to the effect on what happens to the headweigght of the clubs.

And even headweivht it’s got 14 degrees of loft the ball does not fly that high. We hit over 15 diffrent shafts witht he nakashima 8. So, you keep ball in play, closer to your centerline… Good for you!

Usually though, to have an effect to allow the lighter total weight to help increase the clubhead speed a little bit, the new shaft has to be at least 30grams lighter than the old shaft. Kevin Godbey 6 years ago.

So the club would have the additional 25g of grip and an extra 13g of tape on the head. A four to one ratio as far as the effect it has on shaft frequency. The other variable is angle of attack: Yes for sure there is a matter of having to figure out what to do hadweight the swingweight or rather, the headweight FEEL of the driver after it has been cut down in length.


Theoo 6 years ago. The swing weight comes out a good few points lighter than standard spec. 443.5, am I setting myself up for failure? I am wondering if you could help me figure out something.

Total cost less than USD Thus the golfer should get a two boosts for more distance with graphite shafts over havier steel shafts — one from the higher headweivht speed that results from the lower total weight, and the other from the higher headweight in the club that is swung at the higher swing speed.

I suppose it depends on the club, but when I first started building clubs as a hobby 20 years ago, I had a course book from Ralph Maltby Golfworks component companyand it mentioned that for each half inch difference in irons, the swingweight would change by around 2. Many thanks for taking headweiyht time to come to our website and share your experience.

Cut the club, install the lighter grip, add weight to get the club back to around C9 to start with, not all the way to D2 yet.

MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

Thanks very much for taking the time to stop in and offer your kind words. But these behemoths are definitely good athletes when it comes to swing coordination, and after all, they only need to hit ONE good drive.

For each 2g you add to the head, the swingweight increases by one point. MOI of the whole unch is an element that can be measured hwadweight which has a huge effect on how much effort it takes from the golfer to swing the club.


Will chopping the driver to say Lee Shaw 3 years ago. Another aspect to consider — is is easier to close the face of a D2 driver over a D8 driver? Result, hitting more fairways.

So whenever you mess with the swingweight or the balance point of the club by changing headweight or changing grip weight by changing length or by changing the weight of the shaft, you do have to experiment with lead tape to see if you can get back to finding that best HEFT for you and your learned and natural sense of swing timing and tempo.

Dropping the total weight of the clubs means going with a lighter weight shaft.

The Club House :: Erie’s Golf Club Mechanic

Our hours are 8AM to 4: Also, the head feels a lot heavier than my driver Ich G. I forgot to say that the weight of each shaft is when they are uncut at 46″ long for a driver.

I now have a lower and more penetrating flight with a slight draw, with my worst shot being a push but nothing dramatic. Cutting an inch off the butt end, then re-gripping, will not significantly change the flex of the shaft.

Might be fun to do an experiment to see what happens.