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Increasing this number, will increase the time to find and lock on to satellite as it slows down controller activity and allows slower modems to catch up. EL Adjustment Parameter used to determine the small incremental adjustments required for a more accurate satellite search. Service Configuration screen, allows for the type of service selection and means of communication. Page of i. Page of Full Search Performs a full ?

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Ensure that there are no metallic objects that could interfere with the Compass, and that the Mobile Platform is on level surroundings. Select Full Search and Send All.

TC Communications – iNetVu Controller

C2 Screen from Configuration 8. Mobile Software places Polarization Angle 0.

NA inettvu be selected when checking GPS communication status. Micronics PF D Manu Page of SF series user manual A step-by-step procedure of how to configure the system is explained in the corresponding Service Provider Based User Manuals.

Should the Signal Strength be lower than 29 when locked on satellite, click Find Satellite again to re-acquire the signal. The user has the option to search for satellite using the following methods, DVB search; RF search and Beacon receiver with the highest precision. The receiver works from – kHz.


Antenna will attempt to locate the cut-off edges of the Azimuth Stow Switch and center itself. Click SEND if any modifications are made.

iNetVu 7000 + G16

Elevation down Limit has 7000 reached. Further, the installer and end user may be directly liable for any damages resulting from any change undertaken by either of them. Page 30 of EL Displays real-time current drawn and speed settings for the elevation motor, as well as real-time elevation angle and limits, offset, inefvu size, and Elevation adjustment gap.

The Find Satellite command will use this satellite as a pivot point to lock onto the target satellite.

Reply 3 – Aug 29 that If there happens to be a requirement for a polarization offset, the user may manually enter this value in this area. Page 48 of AZ The AZ menu allows configuration of the Azimuth axis, including pot zero, pot factor, stow limit, azimuth search window size, slow speed movements, and current limits at high and slow speeds.

Antenna Version Serial No: Please be advised that disabling any of these limits should be done under the direct supervision of a c-com technical support representative. If choosing from the 5 pre-configured all the fields should propagate with the saved values when toggling between the 5 satellites.


The Tilt Sensor provides better accuracy than the Potentiometer. Box selected implies beeping sound is enabled. Mobile installations, which are as follows: Options include the setting of the pot zero, and the pot factor, as well as the axis limit functionality, the slow speed setting, and current limits for fast and slow speeds.

Service Configuration screen, allows for the type of service selection and means of communication. A description of each menu and their purpose is outlined below. This parameter is mainly used for Hughes Net service. Page 70 of 7.

The maximum data a user may upload is 12 hours. Mobile System will search for the desired Satellite. Page 24 of 6. The user may change this value, however doing so could result in difficulty for satellite acquisition.