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Share this page Facebook Logo. It might be worth actually buying another Intellimouse 1. Other items you may like. This site oh the irony doesn’t work with just a keyboard. With a high quality prediction free laser it could be very popular. Check out these helpful resources for product support:.

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The sensor aint really flawless either, but it gets better if you download the software. Annoyingly, I bought the IntelliMouse Optical on recommendation, so those are some more people who don’t experience or notice the bugs in it And preferably something that doesn’t look cheesy! Not a gamer though — I just use the side buttons for Back, Forwards, and systemwide mouse gestures right-drag is already widely used, so Back-drag gets used instead.

I know you bugton thumb buttons on each side, but there aren’t too many mice like that. It has always bothered me why no one has made a high quality intelimouse clone.

This site oh the irony doesn’t work with just a keyboard. No, an optical Intellimouse would be much more succesful, the intelkimouse popular Philips Twin Eye sensor has accel.

I should be able to rule out custom software as it does this on XP’s login desktop as well, though third-party software can actually corrupt the window system state sufficient to require a reboot. I don’t buttoon the whole open-packaging-and-return thing so this all makes me very nervous. Other items you may like.


The Sidewinder has both side buttons in easy reach, but I’m wary of another MS mouse since they’re so prone to spurious events. I have a spare IMO 1. The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB 5 Button Mouse

To make full use of the mouse’s ability, you need to use the software which I understand you’re against right now. The Xai felt great,except for intellimoues sensor. As such, I should be safe with another brand so long as it doesn’t have similarly rubbish circuitry.

Have you read the geekhack TOS lately?

Microsoft D58 IntelliMouse 5-buttons USB Optical Mouse

The mouse would be much better off using an Avago or Buttons feel more responsive than before. Fluidly handle every maneuver for your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control.

I’m currently using an Intellimouse, and it’s great. Windows 8 bit only.

Part of it comes down to how much I trust Roccat’s drivers not to go wrong. List of mice to test out for you I guess: Any of the seven buttons can be customized to whatever function you wish once the software is up and running. Basically Microsoft don’t know how to make a mouse.


Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB 5 Button Mouse | eBay

I don’t know what will make me happy if my bug aura creates defects in apparently perfectly good mice Don’t forget that I got stray wheel events with an old IntelliMouse classic; Firefox bug was opened about this and for the most part, everyone affected has a Microsoft wheel mouse. So, to get buttons 4 and 5 on either side Back on the left, Forward on the right instead of both on the left side, what would you recommend?

The new stock Dell mice are great, except they’re only 3-button and I’m used to 5 now.

As a claw grip user myself, there’s only one mouse I’d recommend that fits your preferences: Software for me intellimmouse pretty much a No. Warranty 1 year limited hardware warranty.

The Kana with the light-up wheel is pure cheese. I get the stray mouse move events not just when I have the mouse completely steady, but also when the mouse is in the air where it can’t track.