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Please see this wikipage. Btw, I saw Cadence is recommended instead and I don’t understand why as to me it seems rubbish compared to qjackctl. The names in your system will vary. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. At last I can use jack without muting everything else!

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Here is the output for the virtual patch bay:. In fact, this list is a rather good summary of the audio and MIDI applications that are available on Linux! Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

How to use JACK and Pulseaudio/ALSA at the same time on the same audio device? – Ask Ubuntu

It might be much easier now. To break the connection, run the command: The command aplay -l displays a list of all sound cards and digital audio devices. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Now close audio apps Jack and pulseaudiorun jackd using qjackctl click aksa button dbus option must be selected in qjackctl settings last tab.


A complicated way to use Jack and pulseaudio software at the same time is to install “pulseaudio-module-jack” also install qjackctl gui for jackd and pavucontrol if not present. Linux has a very well-developed infrastructure for audio and MIDI.

Kim Tucker 31 1.


PulseAudio is focused on desktop and mobile audio needs. Play an audio file Once speaker output is working, why not play an audio file?

These details are notably missing from other answers, and information on the net. An example of use, first start jack then start alsaplayer to play the stream SomaFM radio, in this case and thirdly, start ecasound to record directly in ogg format.

Then be sure to check out my article about getting started with Raspbian Jessie and Raspberry Pi. Guess what we just built?

Playing audio using alsa/jack – LinuxMusicians

Unlike most applictions, it does not automatically route thru dmix. Start alsamixer in one window and play an audio file in different window. MadMike 3, 7 22 Run the following command in a terminal window: The key to the solution appeared to be making sure pulseaudio-module-jack is installed with: Hope that helps someone, or encourages them to try again: Since jack was designed for professionals and low latency, by default it opens the first hardware device it find, usually “hw: But you can run killall jackd in a terminal after Hydrogen exit.


Andreas Hartmann 6 16 Here is the output generated by aconnect -o: I get alsx same output from pactl as Karl Morrison, and jack still isn’t working for me: If so, we can discuss it there.

Get started: Linux ALSA and JACK

The default format is WAV. A port may belong to either a MIDI hardware interface or a software application. This means that if you want to mix several audio streams in software for output, the streams must talk to jackd.

So for example, “hw: However, beyond a very superficial similarity, they really do not have much in common: You may need to add the current user to the audio group: Here is the output for the virtual patch bay: