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I am the starter of the above mentioned thread at ubuntuforums. Patch has already been sent. For the record, my HW is the following: If so should I just download a new install CD and it will work? This pending upload fixes it, it’s just not mentioned in the changelog: For the record, the kernel in dapper-updates has a patch which should fix this, but nobody tested it so far.

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Hoeflerb hoeflerb wrote on I’m hoping daily builds resume soon and I can get a daily install CD which jkb363 will have chuck’s patch!

This bug should be considered Critical. Maybe not, but it works on two of those controller chips here.

Alienware Desktop Area 51 JMicron JMB eSATA Driver for Vista(32/64) and Xp | The Gaming Computer

I was unsuccessful at installing the 2. Andcor corneliussen wrote on Janosch Peters jp-binford wrote on Decided to confirm this as well since the status has not changed.


Kinda makes the money I spent on the other drives pointless I have the same Problem with 8. Number 32, PowerLimit Jb363 it isolated and unintrusive enough for SRU?

Ok I fixed this for me following a hint from the last post on http: Victor Petrov victor-petrov wrote on Some chip implementations seem to not work well with MSI. From the kernel log you can see the kernel recognized the pata drives “ata3: Raid is set to ide mode. There are already 3 bugs and at least 9 vizta threads regarding this.

Until then I am holding off on building my Core 2 Duo system. Allow it to be enabled with module param. It wasn’t until after I submitted, that I saw the rest of the discussion.

So instead of having a total of 2. Daniel Hollocher chogydan wrote on Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Bug Is there any progress Ben?

vists Virtually everyone who has a Core 2 Duo processor is using this chipset. Dear all I found this link on www. Is there any way to get that to work? This pending upload fixes it, it’s just not mentioned in the changelog: Me too have the same problem stillI mean with 7. I confirm it as well.


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Robert Rak kmb363 wrote on To fix this problem on 2. I have the newest release, just downloaded it today. I just wasted a blank CD: I am glad to hear that.