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In an example, the cloud server receives a registration request to register device information of the at least one image forming apparatus from the at least one print server, receives a login request comprising user information and device information of an image forming apparatus, from the user terminal, transmits the login request to a print server corresponding to the device information of the image forming apparatus, receives a job list as an authentication result according to the request, from the print server corresponding to the device information of the image forming apparatus, and transmits the job list to the user terminal. Thereafter, the distance to the opposite wall of the container is measured periodically, the moment when the distance to the opposite wall becomes less than half of the reference distance is registered, and information about the moment when the container becomes full is transmitted. An increase in the accuracy with which the fill time of a container is determined is achieved by installing a fill level sensor at the upper edge of a side wall of the container. The present disclosure also relates to a corresponding security system and a computer program product. The damping arrangement comprises a flow restrictor and a receptor chamber arrangement

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The outer tubular member includes a screen configured to enable fluid flow therethrough between an exterior and an interior of the outer tubular member.

Arrangement configured to measure a biomarker value of an animal milk sample. The keyboard includes a first group of keys, which includes keys that are to be individually recognized when pressed simultaneously with at least one other key of the first group.

The device further comprises a subterranean uptake chamber SUC 2 which includes a plant growth medium 44 where gases ib-21w from the Kjocera 3 disperse to an uptake root structure 46thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Determining slot value s based on received natural language input and based on descriptor s for the slot s.

Ibe/ib Network Interface Cards – Kyocera FSD Advanced Operation Manual [Page ]

The device according to the invention comprises a stack of at least one layer, comprising a plurality of coplanar modules with load absorbing material, wherein the modules are essentially identical and are mounted in or on a mounting arrangement, wherein a selectable number from the plurality of modules is arranged in the at least one layer to adapt a property, such as stiffness, of the at least one layer, and the selected ibb-21e from the plurality of modules is adaptably distributed over the mounting arrangement.

Parts supplied by the original manufacturer may be new or certified used parts which are equal to new in performance, and carry the same warranty as a new part. The at least one steam outlet opening 23 is arranged centrally of kgocera at least one steam inlet opening 22 with respect to the center of the first refining disc 5and centrallyof a position where the flow of incoming material 7 is to be received ib–21e the first refining disc 5 ib-21w the feed screw 3awith respect to the center of the first refining disc 5.


Further, embodiments relating to a host computer printter activities therein, is also comprised in the current disclosure. The user input is captured and a characteristic of the one or more second device is modified, which is transmitted as a signal of readiness for connecting to the first device.

The present invention relates to a shoe midsole mold comprising: Also described are methods of identifying functional cardiomyocyte progenitor cells and their use in therapeutic applications. Thus, Gas6 protein and a receptor activator thereof has an excellent effect for use in prevention or treatment of fibrosis.

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An eccentric assembly for a compaction machine may include an outer eccentric mass and first and second inner eccentric masses. The locking device is arranged for locking of the pedal shaft 25 in an operating position, and in the event of a collision, it is releasable to allow movement of the pedal shaft 25 from the operating position to a safety position.

Having the preheated fuel thermally expanded inside the degassing tank separates the fuel from impurities thereby purifying and enhancing the specific gravity of the fuel to generate complete combustion. The disclosed antenna can advantageously achieve an appropriate gain and an appropriate beam width even in a millimeter wave band. The essence of the invention consists in that a method of determining the source of a telephone call includes: The granules are dusted with the amorphous siliceous rock.

A method 10 of setting up a wireless connection for a communication device 6 is provided. Disconnection of the one or more second devices connected to the first device may be effected in a similar way by providing input, which modifies a characteristic of the second device. A method for transmitting an uplink signal by a terminal in a wireless communication system according to the present invention comprises the steps of: A flexible battery connection structure according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention comprises: A buffer tank is coupled to the coolant outlet and the coolant coiled tubing.

The present invention relates to an economical container comprising: The preparation method according to the present invention has advantages that the production cost can be lowered by using inexpensive starting materials, a high-temperature reaction is not required as a whole, inexpensive and non-explosive reagents are used instead of trimethylsilyl diazomethane, and further an intermediate of 4-methoxypyrrole derivatives can be prepared as a whole at a high yield.


The present invention may be used for the improvement of soils that are deficient in or depleted of nutrients, minerals, microorganisms or moisture or any one or more of theseand are in need of “rehabilitation. In-package radio frequency RF waveguides as high bandwidth chip-to-chip interconnects and methods for using the same are disclosed. When using the preservative solution of the present invention, the bio-cellulose sheet can be stored for a long period of time.

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The threshold level is set for an RI equal toand when the RI is less thanthe risk of the diagnosed disease is assessed as low, and an RI value in a range of to is assessed as elevated, and an RI of more than is assessed as high.

The present embodiment relates to a machine-to-machine communication M2M technique, and to a method for a receiver processing a request message sent by a transmitter, and a device therefor.

A method performed by a communication device, a communication device, computer programs, computer program products, carriers are also provided. More particularly, the present invention relates to a device for providing an intravenous fluid filter assembly wherein, when a user filters out alien substances including air from an intravenous fluid injection fluid and then injects the intravenous fluid, the device ig-21e air from flowing into the filter and into the intravenous fluid due to a siphoning phenomenon, thereby supplying the injection fluid, from which alien substances have been removed, while preventing air inflow.

It can increase crop quality and crop yield under drought stress. The inner tubular member is configured to be positionable within the outer tubular member.

The sampling point and the point of measurement are connected by a pressure sampling tube in which a pressure wave of the sample gas can propagate from the sampling point to the point of measurement The present invention relates to a golf club headpad, made of a rubber-based material, which covers the head of a golf club or is attached to the head face such that prunter amateur golfer can reduce an impact between the golf club and a golf ball and increase a back spin of the golf ball, thereby increasing a flight distance of the golf ball in addition to reducing a hook and slice of the golf ball.