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While it does provide a hardware and software installation walkthrough, the booklet covers several different Leadtek TV tuner models, so it’s rather difficult to locate the correct diagram. I guess that explains why the BT drivers didnt go in! It goes through the whole band with picking up anything. What after market drivers? I double checked to make sure it was fully seated and happy, and it was. No mention of which DVD media can or cannot be used, or whether rewritable media can be used. I’m having similar issue.

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While the manual does cover the basic functions of the program and the remote, it offers no insight into several areas which will be t2000 to users of the TVXP Expert.

I even disconnected it, checked to make sure nothing was bent or damaged, reconnected, and verified it lradtech fully seated. Originally Posted by roc No mention of which DVD media can or cannot be used, or whether rewritable media can be used.

Okay, here it is If you haven’t already done so I would suggest going to the Leadtek site and get the latest PVR and drivers.

The small plug on the end is for the Infra-read sensor that goes along with the included remote control. It’s when I try to use my web cam when the sound is from the TV card instead of the mic connected winfash the PC.


What after market drivers? I dont know if it will help anyone else, but here goes FM antennae is absolutely connected.

I had no idea why, as I didnt think I did anything different. Yep, latest drivers installed yesterday. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. It cant find any radio stations. Cambridge Audio Azur D. Unless the user is well versed in computer video formats, he or she will have to use trial and error leadtecn find out which video format offers the best performance and file size.

Leadtek WinFast TV XP Expert – LinuxTVWiki

Also included in the bundle are an analog audio cable for leadgech sound directly from the TVXP to a soundcard, an FM wire antenna, the aforementioned infrared sensor with a decently long cable and a short cable with both S-Video and RCA inputs for bringing non-coaxial TV signals and audio into the TVXP. Im leadtecn to look for that now. The separate multi-language quick setup guide is not a whole lot of help either.

Still nothing but static. Results 1 to 23 of Newer devices provide a wealth of standard features, such as letting you capture TV input to hard disk as one compelling example. I have the Leadtek audio output connected to the AUX connector on my sound card. I actually figured out my problem.

LeadTek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert (PCI)

dinfast Sometimes I have to run the wizard in the web cam software to set up the web cam as capture device as it seems the WinFast PVR is stealing the priority. So, I start playing around, and here is what I find – If I start a movie dvd format, but ripped to hard drive in a media player in this instance, Ulead DVD playerthe radio audio then comes through with the movie audio.


Today, I go to check it again, and I get either no sound or just static. Does this all sound too good to be true? The software will be completely shut down, winfsat everything seems normal, until about a minute later sound from the TV card starts magically playing through my speakers.

So, I counted my blessings and let it be. All times are GMT When the PVR comes on, the mute is automatically removed.

While the primary purpose of a TV-tuner is still to put that cable TV x; on your computer monitor, these products are definitely moving towards the role of video appliances. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.