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An interesting ‘pick the best photo’ experiment has been taking place on the internet and now, the results have been announced so let’s find out which smartphone, the world, thinks takes the best photos. The scanner is bigger than the Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro and it supports packet scanning and scanning of wide films. We are going to tell you about its features we have examined. My friend gave me his full version to try it, before i buy my own copy, because he is not shooting film anymore. In the heavy-weight class we have Bessa Voigtlander and Mamiya C33 with the frame formats of 6×9 and 6×6 respectively. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter. The experience shows that at this level of precision you can estimate illumination by eye.

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Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Scanner

Microtek’s high end lineup of Artixscan products is hard to beat. In less than 50 seconds, the ArtixScan tf delivers a completed scan of a 35mm slide in full dpi colour. But taking into account that the shot has to be smoothed and scaled down for the equal quality, the film’s advantage is not double.

Photo by Johan Biilmann. Its production started in Login Join for Free. If you micritek to scan a lot of color film I’d suggest you get the Coolscan which has dust removal. By averaging each line by scanning it between 2 and 16 times, noise can be virtually eliminated.


Microtek ArtixScan tf VS. Nikon Coolscan | Photography Forums

If you don’t really need it then go Microtek. I bought a tf last spring and because of an interstate move and some health problems I didn’t start to use it until this month. Cookies help us deliver our service.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Save Cancel Drag to set position! It was out of warranty and Microtek offered to pick up the old unit and ship out a like new unit for considerably less than what a new unit would have cost. I could use Silverfast but I switched my subscription to another scanner years ago. You can also setbut as you can see it’s equivalent to 2x enlargement in a graphic editor.

Nikon included software is now very good so Silverfast is not needed. Skip to main content. Additional Product Features Media Type.

With the ArtixScan tf, both pre-press professionals and photographers alike will find it easy and fast to scan a variety of film sizes including 6×9 cm, 6x7cm, 6x6cm, and 6×4. Multi Sampling Multiple Sampling allows the ArtixScan AS tf to reduce random image noise which can be part of the normal scanning process and which adversely affects the quality of scanned images.

In particular, it can remove horizontal or vertical scratches of a certain type which is vital for scanning archives which are usually stored in rolls. The scanner perfectly processes high optical density. The Minolta has it better. The image quality is stunning. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Other articles you might find interesting The Microtek tf makes it easy for you to hook up the scanner and preserve your digitized files on a computer or another digital storage device using its efficient multiple forms of computer connection.


Focusing is realized through an integrated 120hf range finder 67mm base connected to the lens mount. That’s all about the scanner. Frame size 6×9 and 6×4.

Employing a repair department in the US with US workers and expensive parts makes it worthwhile in some cases to simply upgrade to a new unit. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner I got a lot of respect for Microtek. They contain more information than a file recorded with a digital camera, but the most part of the information refers to the film structure rather than to the objects.

It’s quite another matter that the scanning resolution is limited and independent of the frame size, in retake you can get a 6Mp image of an indefinitely small fragment.

You can notice fragments scanned at a certain resolution with scratches to be removed – they are marked with red.