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Anyways, if anyone is experiencing the same Set Boot issue I am or has a resolution, this is the place to post it. Discussion in ‘MSI’ started by craig. Thank you sir I’m eternal gratefull. Good to hear a new bios with vista fixes is out. Cause with the newest bios my overclocking goes really swell.

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Windows XP errors out after install because it cant find a proper boot device, because the array was not marked as bootable. Is anyone else out mothebroard experiencing this issure or have any suggestions to its resolutions.

K8N Diamond Plus (MS-7220) NVRAID Set Boot grayed out and disabled

The following error or errors occurred while this message: Any suggestions or advise 1. Each single stick sees MB when I try them separately. But I am noticing something strange when I put my system memory in it only recongized MB not MB is this a flaw with this bios? The memory thing is just a counter All i did was ms-77220 the cmos for the 3rd time and now it sees all megs of ram. Screen never comes back after sleep I did not test this bios long.


Ich has the following Main board: Thank you sir I’m eternal gratefull. Here are the problems I am having with the 2 various bios versions Bios 1. Thank you for your help so far Bosskiller however I still have ms-7220 problem however with each bios its omtherboard little different. I am able to create both mirrored and striped arrays, but the option to set the array as bootable Set Boot is grayed out and disabled.

After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Nvraid can only be configured via XP because the raid bios config does not seem to be visible on boot.

MSI MS-7220 Manuals

Who cares, use CPU-z to verify. Northbridge temp on k8n Diamond plus.

Unfortunaly I did not have the answer for your problem. It can be found in our Beta section: Primary System Specifications Processor: My hat off for you indeed. But my K8N is in my secondary case so I will try the new bios within the next few weeks.


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To get the to work again I have to replug them in. Dirty Finger on September, You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here.

Got the system to go to sleep however when it wakes up the screen never comes back. Good to hear a new bios with vista fixes is out.

Diamond Plus best bios.

Have you no floppy drive. Mothreboard the best way to get this info back to msi so they can look into it. Yes this is my last MSI. Guess its time to go all usb on this pc. Frank, Mar 15, Please login or register. I dont know what happened but now it seems to be working fine.